About our Essential Oils


About us?

World of Oils  is a family run Essential Oil company. We have been about alternative medicine for generations and after years and years of working with essential oils, farmers, and healers, we began carefully and ethically sourcing our own line of oils.


About our Essential Oils

World of Oils has been years in the making! After careful research we found the greatest suppliers from all over the planet. We ethically source the very best essential oils from across the Globe. The sweetest Grapefruit from Florida, the most relaxing Lavender from France, The most invigorating Peppermint from India. All of our oils are 100% Pure Essential Oils with ZERO fillers. 


How we Give Back

World of Oils carefully ensures our oils are Sustainable, Pure and Ethically sourced from all over the planet. We work with local charities to give back a proceed of our sales directly to these causes. Follow us on social media to see all the exciting things were doing to make the World a better place any way we can.